Homebrew, minus the “Home” part…

24 Sep

It never ends.

I recently bought a new fermenter to make my pipeline a bit larger. And for good reason, I seem to be brewing for events more than for myself.  Two batches are sitting for next week (Erin’s birthday weekend upstate).  Those are the BPA and new IPA.  Those will be racked for clearing this week, and kegged next week.

Then we’re having a party for our friend Kevin.  He’s been going through a rough patch, so we’re doing something nice for him.  Two batches for that event: the pumpkin batch I brewed in August, and a batch of Red that I brewed a week ago.

Finally there’s the Mocktoberfest.  That’s the only one that’ll be kept for home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing homebrew with everyone.  But this is starting to become a job, in a way.

After the fermenters clear out for all of these batches, then we’re good to go with some new stuff.  I’m probably going to brew another batch of pumpkin ale, along with something else.  I’m not sure what though.  If the IPA comes out nice next week, maybe that.  Or I’ll brew a batch of pale ale or another Red, which I always enjoy. Either way I need to get that kegerator going.

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