Been a while…

19 Nov

I haven’t posted in quite a while.  Maybe it is because I’ve had a few failed batches lately.  My first pumpkin ale, and my Mocktoberfest both were ruined.  One by sudden and extreme surge in the temperatures in the area back in September, the other ruined by infection.  Pouring 10 gallons of beer down the drain (especially when you consider the time that went into making them) is heartbreaking.

Then I brewed a second batch of pumpkin and just got a taste.  Of course I forgot to add vanilla to the secondary.  It’s still good, just not as good as it normally is.

Dammit!  I’ve just been bombing it this entire Fall.

Well…not entirely.  There was my new IPA, which showed a lot of promise.  It needs a little more body to it.  I used a little too much corn sugar (intended to dry out the finish) and it made it a bit too thin.  However the flavor is certainly there.  It went over well with several IPA-lovers that I know.

And then there was the BPA.  THAT was a hit.  Just the right combo of American hops and Belgian yeast character.  Erin loved it.  That was a keeper.

There was also the batch of Red (possibly the last ever in its current form).  I’m working on a new and improved version.  Also currently on tap with the pumpkin batch is a pale ale that I slapped together with some leftover ingredients.  Initially I wasn’t crazy about it, but it’s aging fairly well.  I may keep that recipe around and work on it a bit.

On deck are a few interesting prospects.  In the bright tank is a modified version of Bob Davis’ Coal Porter.  And yesterday I brewed a beer for the holidays: a rye IPA.  On Wednesday I plan to brew something new and exciting.  I’m basing it on recipe from HomeBrewTalk.  It’s a brown ale that uses a good portion of Special B malt, a darker crystal malt that I really like.  I’m also going to toast some base malt for it to give it added depth.

On a different note, I’ve sort of gone back to my roots.  Last year I got a nice 8 gallon brewpot.  While I love doing a full boil, it was messing up my stovetop.  The stove also struggled to get all of that liquid to a boil, which slowed down my brew day.  So I’m putting that pot away until I have a place where I can use a propane burner, and going back to my good old 5 gallon pot.  Back to partial boils and late extract additions.  I don’t really mind though.  I made great beer with that pot, using those methods.  I can get to a boil much faster.  Plus my wort chiller cools it down a heck of a lot quicker.

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