A new brew…..sort of.

24 Jan

Last summer I came across a recipe that piqued my interest. It was very simple, but looked tasty.  It was Ken Lenard’s Memory Lapse Pale Ale.  I’ve tried some of Ken’s recipes before.  I like how he keeps things relatively simple.  This beer looked almost like a Sam Adams Boston Lager type of brew.  A simple malt bill with American Hallertau descendant hops.

So I ended up brewing it, except I used a pilsner base instead of plain two-row.  I also dry-hopped it with a small amount of those same hops.  The resulting brew wasn’t bad.  Erin felt it was decent, but needed some work, as it lacked some complexity.  I agreed, although (as is usually the case) the last two pints that I drew from the keg before it kicked were quite nice.

I’m finally getting back to this one, as I really want a noble hopped daily drinker. Based on my notes I’m working to give this brew a little more pizzazz. The malt bill needed work, so I am adding a little bit of Munich Malt, and a very tiny amount of Honey Malt.  The hops are staying the same, except I’m adding some Crystal hops at flameout.  Crystal hops are another American Hallertau descendant, but they were cross-bred with Cascades.  So they are mild and spicy like Hallertaus, with a bit of the Cascade aroma.

Finally (and most importantly), I am using a new strain: lager yeast.  Well, kind of.  I am using California Lager yeast, which is sort of a lager/ale hybrid.  Lager-like character at ale temps.  If you’ve ever had Anchor Steam, this is the strain that they use.  We still don’t have true lagering capabilities, so this is as close as we’re going to get.

I brewed this yesterday.  We’ll see about the results in a couple of months.

Next up: BPA


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2 responses to “A new brew…..sort of.

  1. KenLenard

    August 18, 2013 at 4:14 am

    Glad you’re getting some mileage out of the MLPA. It’s currently on tap here at Mayfair Court Brewhouse (August 2013) and really nice with the water mods I made to it. Cheers.

  2. crookedtailbrewing

    August 18, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Thanks Ken! My changes weren’t as successful as I’d hoped. I left out the honey malt (thankfully in hindsight).The steam beer yeast gave off some esters that I didn’t want. I was looking for a cleaner, more smooth character from the yeast. Also I think the caramel malt that I used (Briess caramel 60L) made the beer sweeter than I wanted. After this batch I cut down on the caramel malt, and fermented with US-05, and it still came out sweeter than I wanted.

    I’m looking for something malty, yet crisp. I’m going to take another shot at this one using caramunich III in place of the caramel 60. I’ve used it in place of caramel malt before, with great results. I think it’s a little more toasty than sweet. I also might try fermenting with kolsch yeast.

    I really enjoy your recipes, Ken!


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